Our Story

As Founders from Colorado, it was important to honor the earth by establishing eco-positive practices, holding product development and supply chain close-in, helping the hemp farmers and spending time with them in the fields bathed in Colorado sunshine.

Zzzzz Sleep Bundle - 600mg Calm and 200mg Body Oil Organic Full Spectrum CBD

Calm Soft Gel Capsules - 10mg, 60ct

Soothing Body Oil - 200mg, 3oz

Combine our lavender scented Body Oil  and Calm CBD soft gel for the ultimate in relaxation and an amazing night's rest.

Getting good quality sleep is so important for your overall health and wellness.  At MAKA, we want to provide you with the start to getting a good night's rest with our Sleep Bundle. Take one Calm10mg CBD soft gel capsule about 40 minutes before bedtime and roll on a soothing body oil that may help you relax even more with the light scent of lavender.

MAKA boxed, shredded Aspen packaging, and shipped to you with love. See individual descriptions for Calm 10mg Soft Gel Capsules and Soothing Body Oil.


Actual Value: $100.00