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As Founders from Colorado, it was important to honor the earth by establishing eco-positive practices, holding product development and supply chain close-in, helping the hemp farmers and spending time with them in the fields bathed in Colorado sunshine.

Recovery Stick - 500mg Organic Full Spectrum CBD

Solid Power, Full Spectrum Topical Recovery Stick - 500mg/0.75 oz.

Ready to get some much needed relief for pain, soreness, and just that achy feeling? MAKA BPA-free glide stick is one of most potent and effective solid salve out there, and its a great take-a-long in your gear bag, purse, and your first-aid kit!  Lavender, frankincense, and turmeric add extra anti-inflammatory power, helping you recover,, taking away stiffness, and soothing your achy joints and muscles. 


  • Description:  Athlete-inspired, BPA-free glide stick that is conveniently packaged for whatever and whenever recovery is needed.
  • Ingredients:  Organic coconut oil (MCT), organic arrowroot powder, organic candelilla wax (plant-based), organic sunflower oil, organic jojoba oil, organic sweet almond oil, organic lavender, capsaicin, and turmeric oils, and organic Full Spectrum CBD hemp oil.
  • How to apply:  Glide on topically in areas of soreness, aches and pains, and skin irritations from bug bites or other inflammations.
  • Texture: Smooth and soft application with quick-drying salve that absorbs nicely and dries quickly on skin.
  • Amount of CBD: 500mg/0.75 oz., 22.22mg/g