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As Founders from Colorado, it was important to honor the earth by establishing eco-positive practices, holding product development and supply chain close-in, helping the hemp farmers and spending time with them in the fields bathed in Colorado sunshine.

Healing Salve 1000mg/1 oz.

Healing Salve - 1000mg/1 oz.

MAKA's "back to the roots" original Full Spectrum Healing Salve reflects a true whole plant extract with naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant compounds, and a VERY HIGH concentration of CBD.  This potent salve packs in all the benefits of anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anti-fungal, and antioxidant properties of our premium Full Spectrum hemp oil and sourced organic essential oils. You will not find a more potent and pure, meticulously sourced CBD salve. 


  • Description:  Traditional herbal ingredients combined with a very high concentration of CBD in a soft creamy salve to rub in  areas of sore and painful muscles, joints, and irritated skin.  Intense healing and relief with natural moisture barrier for soothing hydration to alleviate discomfort.  BPA-free packaging.  
  • Ingredients:  Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, bees wax, organic lavender oil, turmeric, eucalyptus, cayenne oils, and premium organic Full Spectrum CBD hemp oil.  
  • How to apply:  Use a small amount of salve and apply it directly to the target areas, and apply more as needed.  Keep away from eyes, mucous membranes, and open wounds.  
  • Texture:  Creamy and smooth green salve with less glide than oils.
  • Amount of CBD:  1000mg/1oz., 33.33mg/g