Our Story

As Founders from Colorado, it was important to honor the earth by establishing eco-positive practices, holding product development and supply chain close-in, helping the hemp farmers and spending time with them in the fields bathed in Colorado sunshine.


After a serious backcountry skiing accident, I was downtrodden about my injuries. I thought I would be broken, seriously bruised, and out of my activity zone for a long time. I used full spectrum MAKA capsules ONLY and had what I felt was a miracle recovery. I was back skiing and working out within 2 short weeks! I never thought this would be possible. With extreme exercise when you age, one must know the best ways for recovery and continued stamina. MAKA must be in everyone’s personal arsenal for continued badassery. 

-BeBe K. -  Durango, Colorado


Thought I would try the 20mg Soft gel capsules for my Parkinson's to alleviate some neuropathy and lower my anxiety, which has been a huge problem. It was harder everyday to get me going because I didn't know what to expect each day. Took the capsules for two weeks and didn't feel anything. And then I thought, "Hey, my knees have never felt pain-free ever! Chronic knee pain gone, anxiety disappeared, and that's just it, I don't feel anxious or have chronic pain!"

- Greg O. - Grand Junction, Colorado


I have major insomnia. My friend said to try CBD so I thought I would go to somebody I know and trust. It took a few days for me to get a good night routine going and took the 20mg capsules only at night. Amazing. I still don't sleep many hours at night, but the quality of sleep improved within a week. Now I am working on a good sleep habit- same time for meals and good bedtime routine!

- Nancy P. - Sarasota, Florida


I use the Recovery Stick for my back. It helps me relax with the lavender scent and alleviate my back pain after a good workout at the same time!

- Brooke W. - Nashville, Tennessee


I've been taking the capsules for a month and really didn't know if I was feeling anything. When I ran out of the 20mg CBD capsules, I went out and bought some at the pharmacy. It wasn't the same! They were made from "hemp stalks and stems" - NO CBD. I immediately went back to the Full Spectrum from MAKA!! There really is a big difference!!

-  Terry M. - Lansing, Michigan


I love the Body Oil. I use it on my sore arms from doing heavy lifting all day. It softens, soothes, and makes my muscles really relax.

-Cindy M. - Atlanta, Georgia


I use the Recovery Stick on my sore ankle! I went trail running and slipped on a rock. The ankle was badly sprained, but I used your Recovery Stick through the day when I could not ice. I believe it helped it heal quickly!

- Karen B,. - Redwood City, California


Helps me with my focus and insomnia. I take 20mg soft gel capsules twice a day!

- Cody S.-  San Moreno, California


I broke my back over twenty years ago and have had chronic back pain as long as I can remember. My veterinarian had worked with a woman that made her pet tincture and CBD capsules. She actually told me to try CBD. She gave me some to try and I was shocked. It took a week to start alleviating pain, but after 20 years of chronic pain I was done with the hard drugs. The capsules are it. Saved me.

Jeff H. - Clifton, Colorado


I use the salve on my hemorrhoids. It's gone. No kidding, so I don't have to have surgery.

- Diane R. - Fruita, Colorado


The capsules are the best thing ever. I had stopped taking them because I didn't feel anything, but then I did! I feel - more alert, focused, and calmer. So it's not how you feel when you take the CBD capsules, it's what you don't feel!

Susan F. - Glenview, Illinois.


The Roller Ball (Soothing Body Oil) is great on my face and neck each morning and before bed. Not only does the light scent calm me all day, it helps my face stay smooth and hydrated. I also didn't know that CBD is an antioxidant! I think it's better than using make-up!

- Chrissy M. - Champaign, IL


Carpal Tunnel is awful. I use the Recovery Stick Balm (Topical Recovery Stick) on my wrist and put it all the way up to my elbow. I can go about my day in the office and don't even feel it or think about it. Love it!

Kelly B. - Fruita, Colorado


I have arthritis on my hands. I take two capsules each day (20mg) and rub on the salve (Topical Recovery Stick). It goes on like an oil and then it soaks in. You can feel it right away!

- Donna R. - Ann Arbor, Michigan


Great products! Simple and clean and very effective. The best part is that it can be used for so many things! I used the Recovery Stick on a bug bite and it took the swelling and pain down immediately!

- Stacey S. - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


My teenager has a lot of anxiety. She has been taking the 15mg Capsules for a week. She's doing better in school, is happier, and definitely more focused. This is better than keeping her on ant-depressants. Those made her sluggish and the CBD doesn't.

Carrie T. - Loma, Colorado


I wanted to update you on my mom and myself. First off my mom has been using the salve on her lower back before she goes on her evening walk. She was using it before she went to sleep, but with the way she has been using it now has been working better. Any other tips you have for me are welcome. I’ve been feeling better everyday. The stiffness I deal with in the morning takes a little bit less for me to get going. My walking has also improved. The pain from the neuropathy is very minimal now.

Since I began taking the capsules I have noticed improvement in my nerve pain. Also my mobility has gotten better. Thanks.

Jeremy S., Denver, Colorado (has MS and started 20mg with his other prescribed meds).


I have tried other brands, and this one is incredible. They don't put the other things into their products so the CBD can do most of the work. I like how everything is natural with few ingredients. 

Ronald H - Dayton, Ohio


I highly recommend MAKA CBD products for my clients to help them with chronic pain, sleep issues, and anxiety.

Dr. Chris L. - Phoenix, Arizona