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As Founders from Colorado, it was important to honor the earth by establishing eco-positive practices, holding product development and supply chain close-in, helping the hemp farmers and spending time with them in the fields bathed in Colorado sunshine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hemp extract with CBD can be tolerated by many. As in all compounds, natural or synthetic, they still contain chemicals that can affect people in different ways as we are all very different. The most common results of taking CBD are calm and focus, relief from exercised-induced inflammation, support for a healthy sleep pattern, and relief support from stress and anxiety. Anyone looking for balance in these areas might benefit from CBD products and additional natural compounds.

If there are questions or concerns about taking a natural supplement, please see your healthcare provider for consultation. CBD products should not be used for women who are pregnant or lactating and should not be used in children without the consent of a healthcare provider.

The answer to this question depends on what your body needs, and what dosing requirements are needed to get the results you want to achieve. Each body is different, and everybody will have a different response. Hemp extract products work with the body's internal endocannabinoid system to maintain good health and relieve pain and stress, so the effect is personalized based on what you have going on. Since CBD products have very low or zero  THC (the cannabinoid responsible for the "high" in marijuana), there is no high in CBD products. Most people feel calm, relax, and focus when using CBD, with the benefits of relief from many other conditions.

Find out how CBD can help you feel by taking it yourself.  Start low and slow with an ingestible product like our capsules, or apply a topical product and see how it works for you!

CBD is considered mostly safe by researchers, and is generally well tolerated by many people. As with any other supplement, there is a chance that it could cause adverse reactions in some people, and it could possibly interact with certain medications. Consult your physician or healthcare provider before use if you are pregnant, nursing, have medical conditions, or are taking prescription medications.

Your lifestyle and your body's requirements determine which CBD product is best for you. Whether you prefer oils, capsules, or topicals, use what works for you.

Capsules and other ingestibles are easily incorporated into a daily routine, and topicals are usually used for immediate relief or as needed. Some people make the daily use of CBD products as part of a healthy wellness lifestyle, where others will use it specifically for relief of health-related issues.

Just like CBD, CBG and CBN are cannabinoids found in the hemp plant and can be in higher concentrations in different hemp extract oils depending upon the strain of hemp. These compounds are similar to CBD in which they will not get you high and may also have many health benefits. When these cannabinoids are found in combination with CBD, as in our full-spectrum hemp extract oil, the entourage effect produced by these cannabinoids may combine the therapeutic benefits and produce a stronger influence than any one of these compounds alone.

CBN is mildly psychoactive in nature. It won't affect your mental state but will make you feel drowsy. Recent studies have shown that CBN can be considered  a powerful sedative.This is why CBN may be a powerful sleep inducer and can effectively fight insomnia. CBN has also been shown to heal bones, help with sleep disorders, and fight epilepsy.

CBG is non-psychoactive in nature which means it can also interfere and act against the mind-altering properties of THC. So, it may keep you from getting high on THC. In addition to the benefits of CBD, on-going research has shown that CBG can relieve pain, reduce bacterial growth, reduce inflammation, treat skin problems, and increased appetite.

CBD products for dogs are usually made with human-grade coconut oil (MCT) and hemp extract oil. Any ingredients added are also natural and pure, and the final product includes very little to no THC trace, giving your dog all the benefits with the least potential for risk. CBD oil is safe for most dogs in the right doses and with the right products. 

Please consult your veterinarian before using if your dog has certain medical conditions or needs. Do not use product on pregnant or lactating dogs or puppies.

At MAKA, we provide serving details and suggested use on our product packaging. The precise amount of CBD concentration is clearly on the package and not just the total amount of CBD or cannabinoids. For any dietary supplement to work properly, it must be taken consistently, at the same time every day. It usually takes a few days to a week for some people to feel effects from ingestible products. Missing days or servings can affect the ability to help support your body. We recommend 4 to 6 weeks on a daily regimen and increase the amount if needed for the desired effect. Our products have been tailored to be highly effective and with flexible use for the average consumer, even knowing that everybody is different. This allows our customers to simplify their choices but can make an adjustment as needed through daily dosing or application.

Full-spectrum hemp extract oil contains over 400 compounds like CBD (cannabidiol), secondary phytochemicals, as well as terpenes, terpenoids, and flavonoids. These compounds work synergistically to heighten the positive effects of cannabidiol, most often referred to as the "entourage effect". Full-spectrum CBD oil contain this vast array of important natural-occurring plant materials, especially other cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN. CBD isolates are pure CBD containing no other cannabinoids or beneficial terpenes and phytochemicals.

Isolates or THC-free are usually recommended for people in government jobs or where drug testing is always required. Any use of cannabis products, whether THC-free or even isolates, can still cause a positive test as most test will show any form of cannabinoids in your system.

MAKA sources hemp from our family farms and farming partners whose practices are natural and sustainable, beneficial to the Earth and our environment. We also carefully source our essential oils, and other natural ingredients for purity and high quality. We make sure that our products are free from heavy metals, pesticides, and microbial toxins through third party testing and certificate of analysis. Through all these processes, from helping the hemp farmers directly to taking the vegetation to cGMP extractors and manufacturers, we believe that our high-quality products can make a difference in people's lives by giving them the potential to achieve a better quality of life.

Companies test for drugs in different ways. Work-place drug screens and tests target delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) for marijuana use and do not usually detect the presence of cannabidiols (CBD) or other legal natural hemp-based compounds. However, studies have shown that eating hemp foods and oils can produce confirmed positive results when screening urine and blood specimens on a full cannabinoid profile. If you are subject to any form of drug testing or screening, we recommend that you DO NOT ingest these products and you inform your company or drug screener that you take CBD for health reasons or as a supplement. You may be required to get a note or prescription from your physician if you use CBD in any form.

We suggest you store our products in a dry, cool area with no direct exposure to constant light or excessive heat. Contents contain oil that can break down or separate from our formulations. Each product has a "shelf life" intended for timely consumption but can be stored up to two years if stored properly. If there are questions or concerns about our products, please email us at hello@MakaEarth.com.

Packages are shipped via USPS or UPS within 48 hours after payment has processed during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. Please allow 5-7 days for fulfillment on high volume orders or Holidays. We charge a standard rate of $7 and free shipping for $75 (after any discount code or sale price is applied). Tracking numbers are sent when your package has been shipped.