Our Story

As Founders from Colorado, it was important to honor the earth by establishing eco-positive practices, holding product development and supply chain close-in, helping the hemp farmers and spending time with them in the fields bathed in Colorado sunshine.

Wellness for your body, mind, and soul

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we can bottle up wellness and have it right where we need it the most? We first need to define what wellness is. “Wellness is the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health” (Global Wellness Institute). It is associated with intentions and the multidimensions of health that work in balanced harmony. It is an active process of being aware and making choices that lead to a better quality of life.

Wellness is much more than your physical and mental health. It includes emotional, spiritual, social, and environmental health as well. Each one impacts the other, effecting your quality of life and well-being. It is a healthy lifestyle choice of being proactive, preventive, and a focus on self-care.

Your body, mind, and soul show you how you interact with the world around you. This includes what you put into your body and what you do with the outside of your body. This can include movement, exercise, nutrition, and supplements like hemp CBD extract oils such as MAKA soft gel capsules and tinctures.


Nutrition -How can hemp CBD capsules and tinctures help you add to your nutrition every day? We first want you to know that hemp is classified as a “superfood”. Foods with many health benefits and are rich in many phytochemicals, meaning plant-produced compounds, contain antioxidants that help protect your body from harmful free radicals. Hemp is rich in antioxidants like vitamin C and E. Organic MAKA Hemp CBD soft gel capsules and tinctures are also rich in flavonoids. Flavonoids, also found in many fruits such as grapefruit, blackberries, and elderberry, reduce inflammation, support immune health, and can slow cancer growth. It is the variety of superfoods containing phytochemicals that work together to make your body more resilient to the effects of free radicals while making your immune system stronger.

Rest -The next wellness dimension after nutrition is rest. Our bodies and minds aren’t built to keep going at full speed all day without any rest and relaxation. Rest is a crucial part of wellness. It helps our body detox, repair, re-energize, and heal. We need rest to feel our best and allow our brain to function with performance and focus. Whether it’s in the form of sleep, relaxation, or time away from work, rest is essential to our well-being.

Research has found that Hemp CBD soft gel capsules and tinctures can aid in rest and relaxation by reducing pain and anxiety, which allows for better sleep. CBD can help you calm your brain and alter your mood by increasing the serotonin level. Your brain has many endocannabinoid receptors that will readily attach to the cannabinoids found in hemp CBD. Research suggests that low doses of CBD are stimulating and energizing, while higher doses with a small dose of other beneficial cannabinoids found in full-spectrum hemp CBD, can be calming and slightly sedative. Unlike most other sleep aids, CBD is not an addictive compound and has been found to be very safe as a sleep-aid.

Exercise –Movement and exercise are essential for your muscles and brain to remain strong and healthy. When you work out or are recovering from injuries or illness that prevents you from being mobile, CBD has been shown to be an incredible aid for recovery. CBD is very useful for athletes who exercise intensely as CBD can help accelerate muscle recovery by aiding in a more restful sleep, relax muscle tension, and reduce inflammation and pain. The more an athlete has recovered, stays focused, and has less anxiety, the better performance quality they will have.

Gut -Your third heart, so vital for your overall wellness, is your gut. Gut-health is another wellness dimension people often overlook. How your gut absorbs vital nutrients and take in water is essential to your health and wellness. MAKA CBD soft gels may benefit your GI system by aiding in digestion and strengthening the gut barrier to prevent or remediate leaky gut. CBD works to balance the gut by lowering inflammation and relieving pain associated with bowel diseases such as Crohn’s and irritable bowel syndrome. When you are able to absorb important nutrients and maintain fluids, you lower inflammation and are able to feel better.

Sun – Our culture, whether we are the outdoorsy types or sun-worshippers, love being in the sun! Fact is, we need the sun to help make vitamin D in our bodies and help our circadian rhythms to be regular and balanced. It helps us to feel awake and energized during the day. The sun is symbolic of our powerful energy and ability to be part of our Earth. The sun is also crucial to our well-being.

When we are exposed to too much sun, our skin gets inflamed, resulting in heat rash or sunburn. Using MAKA Soothing Body Oil for sunburn can ease discomfort and reduce pain and inflammation. The full-spectrum CBD works with the receptors on your skin, reducing inflammation and redness, while the jojoba oil and soothing sweet almond, coconut, and sunflower oils keep your skin hydrated. Sunburns can severely dry out your skin, and hydration is key to keeping your skin healthy. Keeping the skin hydrated will help to repair the moisture barrier, repair the damaged cells, and keep the skin from being cracked and itchy.

Air –Oxygen is the next part of your wellness dimension. Getting enough air or oxygen is essential for all of the cells in your body. It is necessary for your brain to function as well as all parts of your body. While research on the use of CBD soft gel capsules to treat high altitude sickness is quite sparse, clinical studies have shown that CBD improves oxygen intake, alleviates mild to moderate headaches, lessens the feeling of nausea, and improves sleeping at high altitude.

Mindset and Spirituality –Balance out the rest of your wellness by being mindful and spiritual. It’s important to have these two together as they apply to being a focused, self-loving, and authentic person with deep intentions and purpose. Research has shown that CBD may improve brain function by reducing the amount of dopamine in the brain and increasing the feel-good hormone, oxytocin. Because we have endocannabinoid receptors throughout our body, especially in our brain and gut, CBD can promote a healthy nervous system and reduce anxiety and depression, allowing you to focus and calm your mind.


Bottom line? Try a MAKA Wellness lifestyle to increase your quality of life. Organic MAKA CBD is great for your mind, body and soul. It may help you to feel better, support your immune system, improve your mood, help reduce anxiety and depression, and even boost your energy levels. Wellness is at its best when it comes naturally, pure and potent, from MAKA Earth.